Realistic films: Rajnigandha (1974)

Kahi Baar Yuhi Dekha Hai Ye Jo Mann Ki Seema Rekha Hai, man tod ne lagta hai.. Brilliant lyrics by Gulzar.

This movie has two beautiful songs and both are playing in loop in my head. This is my another amol palekar watch. The film has a love story, 70s swag, and simplicity at its best. Looking at Delhi and Mumbai of that era is going to make you nostalgic.

It’s a story about an educated, pretty girl Deepa (vidya Sinha) who has a boyfriend, Sanjay. She puts up with her brother & sister in law who are cool with their relationship & plans for marriage.

Sanjay (amol palekar) is a – always discussing work, got Stuck in office meeting so not on time for a date – kind of workaholic, which is annoying but then he always make up with a bouquet of rajnigandha (tuberose)💐…and you know how flowers assure us girls that we are special!!

When Deepa gets a job interview call from Mumbai, she is unsure –

a) because Sanjay’s job is in delhi & they are planning to get married, if she gets selected they would be living in different cities

b) Her ex boyfriend, Navin (Dinesh Thakur) is in Mumbai

c) her best friend with whom she will be staying in Mumbai is still friends with Navin, so they might bump into each other.

She discuss this with Sanjay, who is matured enough to understand the situation, he is okay with her ex being around as he trusts her & encourages her to go for the opportunity. He tells her he can also get a transfer, so it will be better if both of them will have a job.


Bestfriend assigns all her responsibilities to Navin as she is busy *lol*

Deepa meets Navin as he comes to pick her up at the railway station. Well settled, always on time, caring, page3 types. *Why-did-we-breakup-again?*

He had commitment issues :/

Okay so Navin has influencial contacts in Mumbai and He is trying his best to get Deepa that job.

Meanwhile there is something happening between them but not really. Deepa is kind of conscious in front of him. he is also quite caring for her. May be the love they had is rekindled, he still have some feelings for her.

Last day in Mumbai : Deepa is waiting if Navin would tell her anything, anything about them, a fact that assures her that there is something between them & not just in her head. But he says nothing.


She reaches back home & recieves message from sanjay that he is not in town for few days, she doesn’t care. She is desperately waiting for Navin’s letter. He said he would write to her. May be he was shy, may be he would write to her about his feelings, may be.

After few days, she gets her selection letter. Navin’s letter comes in later that day. He writes her everything but nothing that she wanted to read. Was that all a delusion?

Just when she is so agitated with helplessness & uncertainty of that moment, enters Sanjay with a bouquet of rajnigandha!

She realises that truth is what she have right in front of her, reality is what she has with him. Trust, commitment, a relationship!

You will watch this movie from Deepa’s perspective. That’s the beauty, it involves you. Simple, subtle yet emotionally intriguing Storytelling.

Sometimes we not just admire the grass on the other field but in our imagination we find ourselves much happier living on that side. But thats just mirage! Deepa chose not to give up on stability for uncertainty. She accepted her flawed relationship over the one in her mind fueling her fears of being not chosen again.

If this post makes you want to watch the movie, it’s on YouTube. Also let me know how you find this post!


Little birdie

Spreading over my garden,

One cloudy sky

making loud noises, like a grumpy child,

Flowers running around

& leaves grasping the grass,

You fly little birdie
the wind is blowing fast.

Swim like a fish when the tide go up high

Hold on little birdie

You are brave, you will survive.

Look a rainbow!

& the scattered colors in the sky,

hold on to the colors little birdie
the wind is about to die

Close your eyes & take a glorious flight

you go little birdie, you will be just fine,

You go little birdie, the sky is all yours to shine!

Realistic films : Gharonda (1977)

Recently my idea of escaping the reality has become watching old Hindi cinema particularly amol palekar or Jaya bahduri’s milli or guddi type movies. Everything in these films look distant yet so close .. I feel the world still has those problems, situations or people but their idea of happiness & relationships has drastically changed.

Well cutting that short– I saw “Gharonda” today. Apart from some brilliant songs likes “Do deewane sheher Mei” & “tumhe ho na ho”, this movie is way ahead of it’s time. I feel the way the movie showcases an urban earning couple planning their lives & lifestyle is “so this generation”, the couple book a house before even getting engaged is not so usual for that time.

The movie starts on an easy tone when chaaya on her first day of office meets sudeep, who helps her at work & is friendly. Next, both fall in love & decides to get married. They book a house by taking a loan for paying the first installment.

Chaaya is a young 18 year old, independent, free spirited. She lives in a very humble house with her 2 brothers & a mother-like sister in law happily. She wants to support his younger brother’s education, who aspire to study abroad.

Sudeep is a middle class 28 years working Chap, who is living in a lodge with three roommates. He has dreams of living in a house of his own, having a family, loves his girlfriend, calculative.

Sadly, the scheme turns out all fraud leading to loss of money & shattered dreams of young hearts. Our hero realises, what a mean world! & in frustration tells the girl to marry Modi.

Modi, the boss- 50 years old, millionaire, heart patient, very interested in Chaaya. Turns out that her selection for this job was also based on chaya’s uncanny resemblance to Modi’s dead wife.

Chaaya was shown refraining from Modi’s favours since the beginning as she comprehend his intentions. So obviously she’s pissed with her boyfriend. She stays home contemplating her life, May be she realises Sudeep is not the correct guy or modi is not bad either as he is helping his brother with a scholarship to study abroad, irrespective of her not- so- nice attitude towards him.

A change of heart & she gets married to modi. Now forgetting the past she tries to be a good wife meanwhile Sudeep is under debt, has lost his girlfriend, realises his mistake but too late. Sudeep is depressed. Chaaya’s transformation from sudeeps girlfriend to Modi’s wife is quick she doesn’t seem to fall out of love with Sudeep but accepts her duties as a wife & estrange Sudeep.

The movie somehow confuses me a little when the actress says yes to her boss’s proposal to marry her. May be in a fit of ego? after all his frustrated boyfriend tells her the only way to earn easy money is her getting married to the rich guy.

In the end Sudeep looks like a loser who resigned his job & is running to other city. Modi aware of the whole scenario asks him to take Chaaya with him if she agrees to. (Please note that at this point Modi’s confident that chaaya will not leave him).

Movie ends on a sad yet optimistic note- sudeep does not board the train as he decides to get back his life on track in the same city on his own. He does not ask Chaaya anything & walk past her as if realises Chaaya is only his past now.
It wasn’t a feel good movie throughout but It has a different vibe, if you have patience for 70s cinema- you will enjoy it 🙂


Deadlines, targets, goals. Being busy is some sort of self worth evaluation nowadays.

“Busy is the new happy”- i read this somewhere recently. It makes me worried – why would that be a thing? Are we scared of our own company or we don’t want to feel too much? Forgetting people for things is understood & well received today because everyone understand “priorities”.
Earn money to save health or save health to save money. Modern delimma! 

I am just venting out because I feel people no longer appreciate idyllic life or balance, they appreciate struggle. 

Key to wellness is not over thinking but knowing yourself better.

Think about the goodness you want, the negatives you want to push away. Busy is not “new happy”, It will never be.

Cherish moments with your loved ones, enjoy your own company. Live. When these moments turn into memories, it feed your soul with a sense of satisfaction- so make memories!

Be content & honest with your work as it makes your living. 

But don’t forget forget – Work is not life, it’s a part of your life 🙂


Why we need a family..

As the year is ending & most of us are spending time with our families. It makes me think how lucky are we who have a family & how important it is for someone to have a bunch of people backing you up (some times ridiculing you) but still loving you in their own mysterious respective ways.

So here are few things to remind myself and anyone reading this – Why it is important to have a family:

1) They choose you. Even if you are a loser, they will still keep you in team.

2) They don’t judge. They may not be able to understand you but they won’t judge you 

3) Food & attention. When you think no one gives a damn, family still asks how you’re doing or are you hungry. 

4) Family cheers you up. When world speaks against you. If the day at College/office don’t go well. When boyfriend/friends are mean or awkward with you. Family always reminds you goodness in everything.

5) unconditional love. You’re smart, Charming or ugly,dull or boring. Family would love you the way you are. They don’t commit to you when you get rich or stand by your side for benefits. They love you because you are part of the gang. Because you are family! 

Mountain girl

I originally hail from the mountains of uttranchal but born and brought up in the city lights, I don’t know much about that feel. Last month I visited tirthan valley in himachal & trust me nothing beats that fresh water, air & gorgeous mountains. The moment I was near them, the connection was instant. 

Valley ❤

A glimpse of my trip to India’s very own Swiss! 

Hope to see you again – sunshine, rivers, mountains& valley!